Our Hybrid AM/FM Screening capabilities all add up to give you the benefit of higher quality print. With AM Screening, which is the most widely used form of screening, the position and angle of the dots remains fixed, but the size of each dot is varied to reproduce the effect of continuous tone. FM screening (or stochastic screening) uses dots of the same size but places them randomly in varying amounts to reproduce continuous tone. FM screening allows you to produce very fine detailed print and eliminate the moiré and broken lines associated with AM screening. By combining the best of both AM and FM screening, we are able to offer you Spekta screening to meet the most exacting print standards. The Benefits of Spekta

  • Makes high quality print more accessible
  • Totally free of Moiré
  • Brings out the life in mid tones
  • Superior reproduction of fine details


The Komori’s Twin coating facility allows us to produce an excellent matt/gloss effect on the run. While not as glossy a UV Varnishing, the Twin Coating reduces scuffing and offers greater accuracy, improved cost efficiencies and can be applied in one print run.

How does it work? Image areas that are to appear matt are pre-printed in the final printing unit. The gloss-effect image areas are left blank on the printing plate used for the oil-based varnish. The coating unit then over varnishes the entire surface with dispersion-type special-effect varnish acrylac. There is no need to use a special varnish plate as the acrylac is applied to the entire surface using a varnish blanket.

The interaction between the varnish in the 5th printing unit and the acrylac in the coating unit results in the desired matt effect. It is particularly effective in achieving a matt/gloss effect when high quality paper substrates are used.


The HP Indigo press offers a 6 colour solution with CMYK plus orange and violet which extends the printing gamut beyond CMYK and allows excellent Pantone Emulation. Not only can you match specific brand colours, but you can also apply many different Pantone colours to the same page.

The Auto Pantone process enables accurate matching of several Pantone colours on the same job. Simply use Pantone solid colour names for graphical elements throughout the design and the press will automatically simulate the Pantone colours using the CMYK or CMYKOV values that give the closest results to the original Pantone solid colours.


HP Indigo Digital Matte ink creates a differential gloss effect to add impact and sophistication to your designs. Besides its creative applications it can be used effectively for authentication proofs and in VDP applications for names or serial numbers.