At Pinetown Printers we view green as more than just a colour – we have recognised the role we can play in contributing towards the sustainability of our resources and environment.

We are committed to operating in a way which minimises damage to the environment. Our green strategy, in the short term, focuses on managing waste and conserving energy, but will include analysing our carbon footprint, reducing emissions and investigating other opportunities to improve our contribution towards a greener environment.

The use of Computer to Plate and auto-blanket washing has reduced our solvent and water use by around 80% since the 2000’s.

On-going investment in new digital and litho technologies have reduced our make-ready times, cutting paper waste.

Our world-leading Komori press is more energy - efficient than most other presses in the market.

Komori presses are the greenest presses in the world. Komori’s LS printing press range is universally recognised as the most environmentally - friendly in the world. As the only global printing machinery supplier whose presses and manufacturing sites are both environmentally accredited, Komori is considered environmentally - friendly in every aspect of their operation including how the machinery was originally made.

The Hiper System, a digital pre-ink and de-inking function incorporated in our Komori press, significantly reduces make-ready sheets, minimising wastage of valuable paper resources.

A series of automated functions including cleaning, size and thickness presets, plus air presets, help conserve the use of all materials.

100% fully environment-accredited Komori press.

Our advanced Computer to Plate technology utilises recyclable aluminium plate technology to overcome environmental waste disposal issues.

CTP processing uses 80% less water and non-toxic chemicals

100% recyclable aluminium plates.

We diligently recycle all our plant’s paper overs and trimmings for cardboard pulping.

Our new waterless digital Indigo press generates additional water savings.

The Indigo press reduces the need for make - readies of more than a couple of sheets.

We offer a range of Green Papers for use on both our litho and digital presses.

Our Horizon BQ-470 and Kolbus KM470 utilise PUR binding which is an environmentally - friendly adhesive requiring less heat/energy during application and which allows books to be recycled.


“CHEMICAL FREE” – Everything we can possibly have printed use some kind of chemicals.
What you need to look out for is what kind of chemicals are being used and how the printing
companies are disposing of these chemicals.

“NON-TOXIC”– Everything is toxic if you absorb enough of it – including water, salt
and oxygen.

“ALL NATURAL” – Arsenic, uranium and mercury are all natural and they’re also poisonous.

While we certainly don’t want to ridicule the importance of these green buzzwords, remember
they may sound impressive, but they need to considered in context.