Picture your business in bright, vivid colour . . .
The HP Indigo digital offset colour process is the only digital printing technology that equals the quality and colour range of offset print. HP ElectroInk delivers up to 7 colours expanding the gamut of colours beyond competing digital technologies. The use of liquid electrostatic ink rather than toner reduces cracking when the page is scored and folded.
Indichrome : Pantone Replication
The HP Indigo press offers a 6 colour solution with CMYK plus orange and violet which extends the printing gamut beyond CMYK and allows excellent Pantone Emulation. Not only can you match specific brand colours, but you can also apply many different Pantone colours to the same page. The Auto Pantone process enables accurate matching of several Pantone colours on the same job. Simply use Pantone solid colour names for graphical elements throughout the design and the press will automatically simulate the Pantone colours using the CMYK or CMYKOV values that give the closest results to the original Pantone solid colours.
Digital Matte
HP Indigo Digital Matte ink creates a differential gloss effect to add impact and sophistication to your designs. Besides its creative applications it can be used effectively for authentication proofs and Variable Data Printing (VDP) applications for names or serial numbers.